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Mw. de Vries, Woonschepenhaven
Mw. de Vries, Woonschepenhaven

Join us at the edge of the city

April 2, 2014

Sunday afternoon (6 April) Marieke Kijk in de Vegte will host a cycling tour along places we’ve photographed for our project Randverschijningen. Participants will hear stories, reflect on the changes the area has undergone and will be able to take photos themselves. Of course, a bicycle map of the entire route is included. Would you like to join us? Order your ticket here.


Photo exhibition at CBK (Groningen, Netherlands)

March 11, 2014

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The toughest sheriff of the States. Excuse me: … of the world.

November 27, 2013

Working by the side of the road, while chained and dressed in a striped prison outfit. Seems very ‘old school.’ However, it’s part of everyday life in Maricopa County, Arizona. Amnesty International and the Department of Justice are highly critical of his methods, but Joe Arpaio is – after 21 years – the longest serving sheriff in the USA. Known for his chain gangs, Tent City prison and the fact that the dogs in his shelter have better food than the inmates in his jail. And he could not be more proud.


This mini documentary is part of the multi-media project In Search of Americans.

Daniel Simon (2008)
Daniel Simon (2008)

I did not vote for him

November 26, 2013

August 2008. Daniel met our idea of the stereotypical American perfectly. Barefoot, white T-shirt torn above the bellybutton, denim shorts; when we saw him we thought we had just met our very first redneck. Then we introduced ourselves as two Dutch journalist and he responded by exclaiming: ‘Hi, I’m Daniel. I did not vote for him [e.g. George W. Bush].’ This was just the first of many encounters in which our preconceptions were challenged.

This photo is part of the  In Search of Americans series.


Dust Storm People (2008)
Dust Storm People (2008)

A new identity

November 25, 2013


While we were making short documentaries about the American identity, Eva and I ended up in Black Rock City: a city that appears annually in the desert and transforms into dust again after 1 week. Here, people can escape their everyday lives and create a new identity. Albeit just for a week, because the Burning Man society is hard to combine with the real world. Our short film below gives a quick look into what Burning Man entails and how its visitors view the American identity (and that Dream we so often hear about). You can read about our adventures in the book. Which is, of course, illustrated by many photos.

This photo and short documentary are part of the  In Search of Americans series.