Sabina Theijs Photography

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Vuurtje stoken, Eelderwolde
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Vuurtje stoken, Eelderwolde Volkstuinen, Vinkhuizen boerderij Friesestraatweg Ruiters, Kardinge TV kijken, Helwerd iglo, westkant stad Tjitske bij haar brievenbus, zuidkant stad

Living on the edge (of the city)

In cooperation with photographer Marieke Kijk in de Vegte I have been photographing life on the edge of the city. We started working on the project ‘Randverschijningen’ in 2009. By now, the project has led to a book publication with 56 photos and three essays. It comes with a free bicycle map with a 52 km long route along all the photo locations from the book. Check out Voordekunst for a (Dutch) short film about the project. The book can be ordered here.


Dust Storm People (2008)
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Dust Storm People (2008) Woman at Black Cowboy Rodeo (2008) Bob Tannert (2008) Family at Black Cowboy Rodeo (2008) Margo flirting (2008) Daniel Simon (2008) King of Beers (2008) Willie Owens (2008)

In Search of Americans

Sabina Theijs and journalist Eva Kelder drove across the USA to test the Dutch preconceptions and go in search of real Americans. In Search of Americans is a mult media project consisting of mini documentaries and a blog for Dutch documentary channel Holland Doc, photo exhibitions, a book and an event with live music and debate. The book can be ordered here and the short documentaries can be seen on our YouTube channel.

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Sue Orchard street Allen street Schiller Rosa Grace unisex Walls

Rivington street, NYC

The Lower East Side in New York has changed dramatically since the 1980s. The neighborhood used to be a dangerous and dilapitated area. Nowadays it is the place to be for trendy, rich New Yorkers. Rivington street cuts through the LES, from fancy Soho to the housing projects at the East River. In this street one finds both the remnants of its rich history and the changes that the newcomers bring.

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Supine Interior of the Red Square building Adam Purple Demolished synagogue Louis Lopez Ray Kelly Lister ABC no Rio visitors Norfolk Street Aaron Thompson Cid Scantlebury-Le Seac Swoon

L.E.S. Art

These photos are part of ‘L.E.S. Art’, a book in which I describe the role of artists in the gentrification process of the Lower East Side (NYC).

Oude Pekela
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Oude Pekela Midwolda Assen Nieuw-Buinen Winschoten Nieuwolda Nieuwolda Winschoten

Car tuning in rural Holland

The popularity of car tuning has increased thanks to television programs in which old, rundown cars are transformed into hot rides. Many tuning clubs in Holland are located in small villages, where the rural landscape provides an interesting contrast to the glamour of car tuning.