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Boerderijnummer 106 Winschoten
Boerderijnummer 106 Winschoten

Post Middendorp Assignment: Crisis!

Today I acted as member of jury, along with photographer Jan Dirk van der Burg and photography teacher Leo Erken, among others, for the ‘Post Middendorp Opdracht’: an annual photo assignment by the province of Groningen. This year’s theme is ‘Crisis!’, linking the assignment to a national photography project.

Last year I did a photo project of my own about the effects of crisis. Commissioned by the World Press Photo Groningen Foundation I photographed areas in the province of Groningen that are slowly being abandoned by its population. As I didn’t want to focus on the negative aspects I decided to photograph the opportunities this development offers. I photographed old farms and barns that no longer have an agricultural function, but are used for recreational or other purposes. This photo was taken in the old horse stable of farm number 106 in Winschoten.